A memorial service is held without the remains present (though the cremated remains may be present in an urn). Disposition may take place either before or after the service. Some memorial services are not held until weeks or months after the passing. The services may be religious or non-religious. There are many different types of memorial services, and they may be held in one of our chapels, synagogue, private homes, community rooms or outdoors.

*Additional information and vocabulary relative to traditional funerals, along with poems and prayers, may be found in our virtual prayer book.

**If your loved one’s wish was for cremation or another alternative to burial, we can assist you in ensuring their wishes are carried out, while ensuring the elements of a traditional funeral, such as prayers, poems, and eulogies, are included. Our licensed funeral directors can arrange to have services in one of our chapels or in another location of your choice, and will work with you to ensure your loved one’s life is properly commemorated.

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