Q: What do I do when someone dies?
A: When the need arises call us, there is a funeral director available 24 hours a day to help guide you through any situation.

Q: What if the death takes place out of state?
A: Once contacted our directors will make arrangements to have the remains transported from any State or from any place in the world.

Q: What if the burial needs to be out of state?
A: Joseph Levine & Sons can make arrangements though affiliates or a funeral director of your choice, for burial in any state or anywhere in the world.

Q: Is it different when the death occurs at home rather than a hospital or nursing home?
A: As always if death occurs in a nursing home or hospital Levine’s should be contacted immediately. When death occurs at home there usually is a hospice service involved that will provide you with the information needed before contacting us. However, if there is no hospice involved the police and/or your family physician must be called before contacting us.

Q: Do you have to have the funeral the next day?
A: As the Jewish tradition prescribes burial should take place as soon as possible after death. However, with today’s life styles funerals may be held at the families’ convenience, to allow loved ones to travel from out of the area.

Q: Do I have my choice of any of the three Joseph Levine locations?
A: Regardless of your home or cemetery location you may chose which ever location suits your families need.

Q: What’s the difference between a chapel and a graveside service?
A: With a traditional chapel funeral service people can pay their respects to the family members as well as the deceased, in a controlled environment with a large seating capacity and then proceed to the grave for the committal service. At a graveside funeral service the entire service takes place outside at a grave site with only the immediate family members seated.

Q: What are some of the benefits I’m entitled to?
A: People are entitled to a lump sum Social Security benefit if they are a surviving spouse or a dependent child. They are also entitled to certain benefits if they are a veteran or the wife of a veteran. The funeral director can explain these benefits in more detail.

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